Karen Good

Research Associate

Karen Good serves San Diego Zoo Global as a Research Associate in Disease Investigations. She is responsible for post-mortem examinations and histological preparation of tissues for our pathology team. By performing necropsies, Karen contributes to the health of collection animals and helps monitor for disease problems in native wildlife. Post-mortem specimens and tissues are collected and provided to external researchers, museums, and government archives, as well as other Institute research divisions. Karen also assists in maintaining our museum-accredited Pathology Archive, which consists of thousands of irreplaceable histological slides, paraffin blocks, frozen and formalin fixed tissues, and photographs. Karen also helps train and educate visiting veterinary students.

Currently, Karen is working on a basic guide to some of the types of helminth parasites that are commonly encountered at necropsy. She will be creating a pictorial guide using photomicrographs from a dissection microscope.

Karen earned her associate of arts and science degree from Riverside Community College and her bachelor’s degree in Biology from San Diego State University. Karen entered the world of pathology as a volunteer with the San Diego County Office of the County Veterinarian and was hired on as a student worker until she graduated, after which she joined Disease Investigations.